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August is here and I know I’m clinging onto the very last bit of warm summer days we have left! So I’ve decided to switch up my blog posts and begin posting the beginning of every month instead of the end of every month (I know this isn’t something very exciting but just wanted to let you all know!).

I want to share a few of the summer trends that we’ve been watching unfold everywhere!

1. Bring the outside, in!

A great way to nail this “trend” is by incorporating greenery into your home through plants. In summer when everything is green and in bloom, it evokes a such joy and peace in me that I can’t even begin to explain. By adding some plants to your home, especially tropical ones like large monsteras, will make you feel like you’re in the tropics all year ’round! Birds of paradise, palm trees, philodendrons, and snake plants are a few other great options for tropical plants that you can add to your space. Of course do your research on which plants you feel like you can care for and take into consideration the environment in your home.

Photo credit: @cubehousejungle

2. Bold paint colors

Paint is such a simple way to transform the look and feel of a space. Taking your neutral colored walls to the next level is such a fun way to get on this trend. And the best part is…you can always paint it back if you get tired of it!

Lots of bold, vibrant colors have been trending this summer and I am not mad about it! For those who don’t know, Pantone’s color of the year is Very Peri which is a blue color with a violet-red undertone.

Source: @emilydobbsinteriors

It’s become popular to use bold paint colors not just on the walls but also carry the color out to the trim (and even the ceiling). We’re looking at color in more unexpected ways that creates more drama and impact. Typically, designers will opt for some sort of white color for all trim- baseboards, crown moldings, window casings, door trim. I do have to say, it’s exciting to switch things up a bit. Again, you can always go back to a more neutral palette if you start to get tired of lots of color.

Source: Kismet House

3. Boho Chic

Mid century modern furniture, bold patterns, colorful interiors (yes, this goes back to our previous tip), and cool vintage pieces are all the rage. The 1970s feel is definitely back and in full swing!

Source: @thejungalow

4. Curved Shapes

This summer it’s been ALL about soft, organic shapes. Harsh lines are out and feminine, curved lines are in! Consider incorporating a few pieces if you are really drawn towards the organic shapes such as a new armchair with soft curves or even a round coffee table.

Source: Anthroplogie

Trends come and go but I always advise my clients to think a little more long-term. There are certain trends that are easy to achieve and at the same time, they’re also easy to come out of when it starts to go out of style. Paint is one of those things that can be changed out more frequently than constantly purchasing new furniture.

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