Hello Design Lovers!

I don’t know about you, but I tend to gravitate towards a couple of different design styles. Two of them being Midcentury Modern and Boho. Combining these two styles is fairly easy and they mesh REALLY well together (I’m sure you’ve seen Modern Boho designs everywhere on Pinterest and Instagram without even realizing it). Do these pics below look familiar? Maybe, maybe not. But you can get a sense of what I’m talking about.

Photo credit: Photo credit: @kaekooshop

What I love about the Modern Boho look is how colorful the spaces are, the brightness they bring, the mixed use of patterns and textures, and the plants that add some liveliness. The earthy tones are what really catch my eye!

So for those of you who are looking to spruce up your home without breaking the bank, I’ve rounded up some of my absolute FAVORITE accessories from Wayfair!

Starting from the top left corner, I listed the items so you can shop for them! Just go to Wayfair.com or hover over the bold titles to be directed to each piece.

1. Texture Eucalyptus Plant in Planter:

this little guy is perfect for adding some greenery to your coffee table or maybe even a new floating shelf (like the one I have in the photo).

2. Scalzo Pine Sphere Beads Finial:

what’s great about these beads is that they come in 6 different sizes. That gives you the flexibility to style them around different sized decor pieces. You can drape them over a couple of books, put them around a decorative vase, or even put them in a bowl on your coffee table!

3. Oakfield New Wood Floating Shelf

not only does this shelf come in a variety of finishes but also comes in 5 different sizes! This is what I love about Wayfair- they give you options and don’t we all love options?

4. Boatright Stoneware 2 Piece Bell Set:

what’s not to love about these hanging bells?! They’ll make a great addition to hang by a corner or even near a gallery wall of mixed art pieces. The possibilities are endless!

5. Clique Modern and Contemporary Accent Mirror:

so Wayfair did it again! This sleek mirror is simple and stunning and wait for it…..it comes in multiple finishes and sizes. Hang it in your entryway or in your living room and watch your space completely transform!

6. Virginia- Drawing Print:

I’m loving the simplicity of this piece yet it’s actually quite dramatic. Choose among a black frame, bamboo or just a plain canvas (and of course pick your size).

7. Toufik Throw Pillow:

this rust color throw pillow is absolute PERFECTION! The texture and the vintage look screams boho, ammright??

8. Friedman Cotton Lumbar Pillow:

the denim vintage look of this pillow is gorgeous and I couldn’t help but be drawn to it. How can you not?

9. Ovid Oriental Tangerine Rust Area Rug:

the rich colors in this rug tie in the two pillows perfectly, giving it that perfect modern boho look! Add this to your living room or your entryway (yes, there’s a runner option).

10. Artificial Snake Plant in Basket:

what you need NOW to complete your modern boho vibe is a snake plant. This one happens to be fake so you never need to worry about where to put it in your home. It’s such a great addition!

If you found some budget-friendly modern boho pieces, please share them! I’d love to see what you found. Happy shopping, Design Lovers! 💕

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